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Adore this movie


Adore this movie





maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

Learn from the expert.


Oonga naman we will really learn a lot from someone who had been in that situation. I’m really lucky enough na wala pa sa 2 weeks sa loob I met this very approachable and kind Ma’am who was a KG before, kumbaga been there done that, she is really nice and I adore how strong she is to survive that kind of relationship. Ughhh. And today I just met someone who is from my cadet’s batch. Sabi nga niya may makikilala ka din from his batch hndi pa nagtatagal meron na. How i wish I could get along with her. *fingerscrossed* but I think we would. Sabi nga ni Ma’am joselle if you feel bad okay lang ishare mo pero dun sa same situation mo kasi alam niya din yung feeling pero kng hndi better keep it to yourself bcoz they don’t know how much it hurts missing someone so dear and close to your heart. A person that you can’t ever get used without. Oha! I really thank God for these people they’re a blessing to me, etong mga taong pinapakilala niya sakin ngayon. :)

Ay kinikilig ako :”> *cyber hug* ♥ HAHAHAHA :D Hanap pa tayo ng batchmates! The more the manier merrier xD

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